My first visit to Vietnam was a brief stop in Saigon after travelling through Cambodia. At the end of 2010 I took a return trip and followed the heavily trod tourist trail from south to north. I spent some time in Saigon, explored the tunnels of Cu Chi, relaxed in Hoi An, got drench in Hue, took an overnight train to Hanoi, swam in Ha Long Bay and saw in the new year in the center of Hanoi. What I'll remember most is the tranquility of Ha Long Bay, the food of Saigon and the crazy backstreets of Hanoi.

Cyclos around Chau Doc

Streets of Saigon

Reunification Palace

Ho Chi Minh

Helicopter on the roof of the Reunification Palace

Tasted good, no idea what it was

Celebrating 66 years of the Vietnamese Army


The finest, freshest rubber money can buy

Cu Chi Tunnels- A tight fit

Man trap

One false step and you're in the pit

Folding Chair Trap

Making rice paper

Making sandals from old tires

In the (tourist sized) Cu Chi tunnels (still very cramped)

Exit from the tunnels

Cyclo arround Saigon

Madame Guillotine, used by the French to maintain control of Vietnam

Landmine victim and an American tank

Tiles inside Notre-Dame Basilica

Tiles inside Notre-Dame Basilica

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Virgin Mary statue in Saigon (said to cry, but the Catholic Church denies it)

Wedding photos at the post office

Saigon's train-stationesque post office

Merry Christmas (from the Vietnamese Post Office)

A little overdressed?

Rush hour in Saigon

This man bravely cyclo'd me around Saigon

Beef on a hot roof tile

Cao lầu - Hội An speciality

Are the users or the vehicles primitive?

Japanese covered bridge, Hoi An

Japanese covered bridge, Hoi An

3 (of 4) statues representing the seasons

Inside the covered bridge of Hoi An

Head scarf on a dog?

Dragon sculpture in a temple garden

Giant incense coil

A prayer (?) on an incense coil
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