South Korea
After travelling along the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railways through Russia, Mongolia and China I flew to South Korea to spend a few days exploring Seoul. The city is a spectacular high-tech metropolis, but it has also preserved its history with stunning palaces and remembers it's more recent history with museums and memorials dedicated to the war with the north.

W Hotel, Seoul

Korean war memorial

Children on a mine?

Chinese tank from the Korean war

South Korea's missiles (deactivated)

Briefing on the DMZ and JSA

Specialist Lundgren, one of my guides

UN identifying armband

Republic of Korea soldier

Military Armistice Commission room - the table is on the border, I'm standing in North Korea to take the photo

Standing on the border

North Korean building at the JSA

North Korean side of the JSA

Propaganda village, North Korea. Buildings are just empty shells

Keeping us safe without smiling

Sunglasses worn by all RoK troops so you can't see where they're looking

Bridge of no return

Model of Joint Security Area (North on the left, South on the right)

Good restaurant. Good. Not great.

Dorasan Station, where trains to Pyeongyang might one day leave from

Maybe one day the trains will run to the North

The tracks do to Pyeongyang, but the trains don't

Trans-Eurasian Railway Network

Pagoda at the Korean National Museum

Silla Golden Crown (5th century)

Interior of traditional home

One of Korea's national treasures

From the Korean National Musuem

Greek bronze helmet (6th century BC)

16th century Burmese Buddha

Ten-Story Pagoda from Gyeongcheonsa Temple

Korea says Thank You

Turtle ship

Korea's idea of the future warrior

Top of the turtle ship

Korean War Memorial

Hundreds of people at the war memorial

Painted timbers of Deoksugung Palace

Ornate roof work of Deoksugung Palace

A golden gate
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