Travelling by train across Russia is the only way to really appreciate the size of the country. The Trans-Siberian railway is one of the most famous lines in the world and a great way to see the country. I started in St. Petersburg, a beautiful European style city and then traveled to Vladimir/Suzdal, suffocated in the smog in Moscow and saw both the bleak and beautiful sides of Siberia.
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If you can't get a taxi, take a horse

Revolutionary piano (owned by a Decemberist)

Legend says men get smart by looking in this mirror. I don't think I did.

Decemberist greenhouse in Irkutsk

Decemberist newspaper

Green wallpaper

"Let me just tell you..."

Red wallpaper

Decemberist house, Irkutsk

Pet market in Irkutsk

Lenin in Irkutsk


Padlocks by the river left by newly married couples for good luck

Playing with rose petals

Epiphany Cathedral, Irkutsk

Epiphany Cathedral (fantasic murals inside)

Tanks by train

Train to Mongolia
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