Travelling by train across Russia is the only way to really appreciate the size of the country. The Trans-Siberian railway is one of the most famous lines in the world and a great way to see the country. I started in St. Petersburg, a beautiful European style city and then traveled to Vladimir/Suzdal, suffocated in the smog in Moscow and saw both the bleak and beautiful sides of Siberia.
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Trans-Siberian Provodnitsa (conductor)

Suzanne safely back on the train

Delicious fresh piroshki

Buying supplies on the platform


Dried fish

The samovar, the source of hot water for food and drinks on the train

Old steam train

Stalin and Lenin on a train

Watching the trains come in

The babushkas that greet every train with food and beer for sale

Old steam train

International relations

Port Baikal in the rain

Dreary day in Port Baikal

Port Baikal train crossing

Port Baikal, were ships go to rust

Rusting away

One man and a bike

Not enjoying the rain and cold

One fish in a bad aquarium

Cooking in Listvyanka

More dried fish

Rice and carrots and meat and stuff - tasty

Even more fish

Obama matryoshka

It stopped raining!

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express - not my train unfortunately

Photo op

Ian in his mystery fur hat

The sun came out over Lake Baikal!

Port Baikal

One of the homes in Port Baikal

Checking photos

Leaving Port Baikal

Ships of Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lenin Street, Irkutsk

Karl Marks (Marx?) Street, Irkutsk