I entered Mongolia on a Trans-Mongolian train from Russia. My first impression was of the sprawling countryside, seemingly untouched since the time of Ghengis Khan. From the capital city of Ulan Bator I got to explore the city, meet local people and see how they lived in their traditional gers on the outskirts of the city. I visited a national park and spent the night, far from civilisation in a ger.

Mongolian sunset on the border

Sukhbaatar Square, the center of Ulan Bator

Chinggis Khan watches over the city

Mongolian Parliament building

Damdin Sükhbaatar (freed Mongolia from Chinese rule in 1921)

Classroom in Ulan Bator

English class

Remains of a childrens playground

Monks at prayers

Incense burning

Buddhist monks

Ger district of Ulan Bator


Scared of the white people until I showed him his photo

Loved posing for the camera

Mongolian boys and their ger behind them

The whole family

All the kids together

Every modern Kazak woman needs a mobile phone

Ger interior

Enjoying lunch

Bit like a Cornish pasty

Ankle bones, used for everything from fortune telling to games

Flicking ankle bones. Serious business.

Our host for lunch and ankle bone games

Chinggis beer

Locally roasted coffee

Throat Singing

Dancing with tea cups

Shaman dance


Old man dances...

and gets chased away by something

Gods? Demons? Devils? I've no idea

Fermented mare's milk. Not recommended


When are these white people going to leave my ger?

Mongolian life outside of the city (and outside of a ger)

He'd have some great stories to tell (if he spoke English or I spoke Mongolian)

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