Travel and photography are my two big hobbies. Luckily they work well together and so I always have a camera with me when I travel. Currently I’m using a Canon 5D Mark III coupled with a Canon 24-105 f4L lens. I also write a little about my travel experiences.
Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
My first visit to Africa was to explore the various game parks and watch the wildlife. Unfortunately due to the theft of memory card I only have photos from Tanzania
Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras
For me Central America is all about exploring Mayan ruins. Since visiting the Yucatan region of Mexico I’ve been fascinated by the Mayan civilisation and have made an effort to visit as many sites as possible.
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Mexico, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver & Washington DC
North America (and specifically San Francisco) is home. Occasionally I’ll spend a weekend in another American city. I also lived in the Seattle area for almost seven years.
Bolivia, Brazil, Galapagos Islands & Peru
I’ve barely even started to explore what South America has to offer. I can’t wait to go back.
China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Mongolia, South Korea & Taiwan
Eastern Asia is dominated by China, but there’s such a variety of things to see even inside China’s borders
Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam
Southeast Asia has become a huge tourist hotspot for good reasons. There’s a ton of things to see, a wide variety of cultures and a incredible selection of national cuisines.
India & Nepal
One could spend years exploring Southern Asia. India is clearly the heavyweight of the region and offers an huge number of things to see. I’ve only visited the north, but I’ll go back.
England, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein & Russia
Europe is probably the easiest continent to get around which makes seeing all the different countries and cultures easy. Most of Europe I saw while travelling for a month while at university, but there’s still much I want to see.
Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Israel & Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar & Saudi Arabia
I love travelling in the Middle East. The history is interesting and I’ve found the people to be very welcoming. I also love the food. (Some people will argue that Egypt is in Africa and not the Middle East, but it’s more culturally linked with the Middle East).
Australia & Fiji
My first trip "down under". I spent most of my time in Australia, but also spent a few days in Fiji.