I spent my first 21 years living in England. Now that I live in San Francisco I don’t go back that often, although I’ll never turn down a flight to London (British Airways, business or first class please).
Finland was my first stop in a month long journey across Europe and Asia by train. I spent a couple of days exploring Helsinki and the sea fortress of Suomenlinna.
I can’t remember how many times I’ve been to France. It was always so easy to get from England, either by ferry or train that I’d go often. I love exploring the streets or Paris and skiing in the Alps.
I have not spent much time in Germany, but I have been sent there for work a couple of times and these are the photos I took on those trips.
Over Easter 2011 I spent 10 days travelling around Greece. I started in Athens by exploring the ancient ruins at the Acropolis and then visited a few of the islands. First was Rhodes which I reached by an overnight ferry. I spent my time there exploring the old town of Rhodes. Next up was Crete; I stayed in Heraklion and explored the city as well as the ancient Palace of Knossos. My last stop was to Santorini; I stayed in the beautiful small town of Oia, perched high on the caldera.
I spent a week in Iceland and did my best to get around the country to see the waterfalls and geysers. It’s a remarkable place and no wonder it’s called the country of fire and ice.
I’ve loved the time I’ve spent in Italy so I jumped at the chance to spend a few days working in Rome. It had been nine years since I’d been to Rome, but nothing had changed. The Vatican was still huge, the Colosseum was still magnificent and the food was still spectacular.
I was working in Zurich, Switzerland for a few days and had a few morning so I jumped on a train to have lunch in Liechtenstein. Lunch was pretty good.
Travelling by train across Russia is the only way to really appreciate the size of the country. The Trans-Siberian railway is one of the most famous lines in the world and a great way to see the country. I started in St. Petersburg, a beautiful European style city and then traveled to Vladimir/Suzdal, suffocated in the smog in Moscow and saw both the bleak and beautiful sides of Siberia.