China - Trans-Siberian

Train raising equipment

Friendly shunter

Replacing the bogies (Chinese and Russian trains run on different gauges)

Old bogies are removed

Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square

Inspiring statues outside Mao's mausoleum

Have you namesmoked today?

Whatever it is, it's dangerous

To get are sprung

Lookout, knock head

If it's slimy or wriggly, you can probably eat it at the nightmarket

Night market food stalls

Everything you could want to eat and lot you wouldn't

Starfish, doesn't seem like food

Looks like too much work to eat theses

Freshly grilled snake (on the right)

Souvenir shopping

Trying to keep dry on the Great Wall

Rainy and misty

The towers are the only shelter from the rain

Do I have to go out there?

Slippery when wet

Twists and turns, ups and downs

Watch your step

It just keeps going

Chris is having a great time

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

Obscured by mist

The Great Wall

Spicy hot pot, a good cure to getting soaked in the rain

Apple Store, Beijing

Checking out the iPhone 3G S

Dedicated fisherman at the Forbidden City

Guardian of the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City

Walkway between buildings in the Forbidden City

Walkway detail
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