Everything I new about Boston came from two sources; reading about the Boston Tea Party and the TV show Cheers. What I learnt after going there for a weekend in March is that while it may have a lot of history it also snows a lot and gets very cold. I returned for a second visit during the summer and found a much warmer city. I saw a lot more of the historic sites and watched the Red Sox thrash the Royals at Fenway Park.

Old State House


Paul Revere's House

Purple Heart

Memorial Day Memorial

Sea of Stars and Stripes

Massachusetts State House

Old graves

John Hancock's grave

Paul Revere's grave

Robert Paine's grave

Samuel Adams' grave

Victims of the Boston Massacre

Granary Burying Ground


Lone Piper

Beacon Hill

The Freedom Trail

Boston Massacre Memorial

Boston Massacre Memorial

Glass chimney of the Holocause Memorial


Inside the glass chimneys

They came first quote

Numbers symbolising the Holocaust victims

Holocaust Memorial

Faneuil Hall

Stars and Stripes

Long Wharf, Boston

Paul Revere and the Old North Church

Fallen Soldiers memorial, Old North Church

Old North Church

Old North Church

Old North Church

Old North Church

Narrowest House in Boston

Copp's Hill Burying Ground

Copp grave from 1661

The Mathers tomb

The Mathers
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